Welcome to The Strongest Classroom

A builder of hope
The difficulty is seen
Effort is given
                         -K Lybeck

Building classroom communities through perseverance, courage, and connection. Resulting in strength, hope and joy.

spaces to explore, resources to use, ideas to share…

it is my hope that you find something helpful, something of value that you can share with a child in your life
Poetry Art Print
Do You See? poetry art print for the home or classroom. Sizes 8×10 or 11×14. A beautiful visual reminder that even when we feel lonely we are still connected.
YouTube Channel
Tromper’s Tale of Courage is a fun story about overcoming worries bit by bit and noticing the process of growth that connects us all.
A short blog style podcast for parents or cargivers to listen to. Sharing creative ways to start meaningful conversations with families. Topics include overcoming worries, self-awareness, kindness…