Seeing Differently

A poem about the strength of connection and understanding that can come from sharing our experiences with one another, thinking about our different perspectives (points of view), and finding out what we have in common.

"My bedroom is on the top floor of our house," said the child.
"My nest is near the top of a tall tree," said the bird.

My house has three peaks with a window in each one.
My nest is in three tall trees standing together.

From my house I can see the rooftops of my neighbor's houses.
From my nest I can see the tall buildings downtown.

I can watch people walk by from my window.
I can watch clouds pass by from my branch.

When the wind blows my house stands strong and still.
When the wind blows my nest stands strong and sways.

From my house I can hear cars driving by and children playing.
From my trees I can hear planes flying by and children playing.

There are three trees by my house, if I look I can see the tops of the trees.
There is a house by my nest, if I look I can see three peaks on the house.

"I see you and you see me. We live in the same place! We are together."

-Kay Lybeck

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