About Me

Hello! My name is Kay Lybeck and I reside in Portland, OR with my husband, our two children and our little dog, Cookie. I am a certified elementary school teacher. I taught for Portland Public Schools for many years, and I am currently a substitute teacher. My favorite part of teaching is building a classroom community that is safe, kind, and a place where everyone feels seen and heard. For the last eight years I have trained in weightlifting and strength sports. I have held state records, competed at the IWF Masters World Cup, and I am now training for Strongman Nationals. I have learned a lot about perseverance, resilience, and mindset through my training. Recently I wrote, and published a children’s book sharing about perseverance and belonging through a fun story. I believe sharing stories and experiences with children is a wonderful way to strengthen their sense of belonging and their understanding of the process of growth, so they can practice navigating challenges with perseverance and practice appreciation.